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Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Preparation Privately Married to The Bride and Groom

Marriage Preparation

Are you ready mentally about the wedding, sometimes it is often forgotten by the bride and groom so that households are not happy and ended in divorce. if you want to get married then prepared yourself emotionally as well as your situation and your partner today.

Marriage is a gift from God, the personal union of two very different so it takes magnanimity and breadth of mind to be able to cope with any spark problem. economic establishment is very important in marriage readiness. The ideal partner is capable of fulfilling all the wishes and needs of you and your family.

According to experts, the readiness of marriage is included in the list of wedding planning, preparedness is also important things to be done so that the bride and groom happy household later. marriage readiness is divided into two parts, namely the readiness to marry private (personal) and readiness to marry the situation (circumstantial).



Marriage readiness is having the emotionally mature person is able to identify and express themselves as well as her feelings in a healthy and positive, have the ability to give and receive love in a balanced way, has the ability to face reality and deal with life events in a positive, can learn from the experiences and events that give rise to frustration, and capable of addressing any problems and difficulties in a constructive manner.


The age of marriage preparation is maturity does not not directly proportional to age. However, the process of maturity is determined by the process of learning from experience. Thus, should marry if it is old enough to marry and to avoid marriage below the age of their home life unhappy.



Marriage preparation financially: the economic factor is important in sustaining the continuity of marriage. Capabilities provide for the family (giving money to their home life) is one of the requirements for a man to marry.


Wedding preparations to take the course so that the marriage is not in a hurry. If all the wedding plans laid out right then everything will go well and we can have a happy moment.

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